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SALT BLOCK 20x10x2.5cm
Pink salt blocks , plates, bowls, and the bricks can be used for sauteing, grilling, chilling, drying, cooking, salting, plating bath, and contemplation. The salt crystal lattice has a very high specific energy (energy per unit mass), and therefore tend to maintain any temperature to put a good time. In addition, due to their lack of porosity or moisture (0.026%), salt plates can be heated or cooled safely to virtually any endpoint. We have tested from 0 ° F to 900 ° F. Two other considerations come into play when working with our Himalayan salt plates. Its lack of porosity means that touches the surface of their diet is minimal. Compared with, say, zero natural salt or evaporated salt crystals, these large blocks of salt are given only a very moderate salinity. Second, the high amount of minerals (1.2% sulfur, 0.4% calcium, 0.35% potassium, magnesium 0.16%, and 80 other minerals) give it a milder flavor and filled with salt, provides another level of complexity of flavor to your food. When used as a bowl of wet food such as apple slices or mozzarella cheese, the food acquires an improved taste and mineral salt. “You can cook it, freeze it and eat ice cream out of it or serve sushi in it, “says Wolfe.” However it uses a block, the food will have a touch of salt and minerals is sublime.Recipes for a block of salt http://www. / How to cook with the block of Himalayan salt crystals containing many natural minerals that give them food cooked in a salty taste complex. The technique works best with foods that cook quickly. Slide.1 block of salt crystal or plate in the middle of a preheated oven at 500 degrees or fattening.2 Remove the block of salt or hot baking sheet after 30 minutes using gloves to protect hands.3 Place the block of salt crystal on a trivet on the table and warn your guests about the heat.